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Milan Elementary School

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Principal's Message

Milan Elementary School is a community filled with confident, well-rounded and responsible life-long learners
who will become positive forces in their homes, communities and the world.
Our school is the center of our community life, enriched by the diversity of our city and welcoming to all families.
Each classroom offers engaging, rigorous curriculum that builds on students' interests and abilities.
Our staff brings experience and expertise to the classroom and are continually furthering their own education.
They make intentional efforts to provide students a safe, friendly, and encouraging learning environment.
We believe each child has gifts and talents that should be respected, nurtured and celebrated.
Student needs, as identified by regular assessments, inform our teaching
and guide appropriate and effective intervention services.
We offer an enriched learning environment and comprehensive system of supports
to address the needs of the whole child.
Parents of MES students are active and supportive in the classroom and at home.
They are truly partners in the education of their children.
Our students are eager to learn, and the focus of our decision making.
Come, be part of the MES story!