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About Me

Hi!  I am Carol Hurley.  I have been a teacher/librarian for 21 years.  Wow!  I am really old!  I taught at Bradford Elementary for 6 years, and I have been teaching at Milan Elementary for going on 15 years now!  I have taught 6th grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and now library classes.  I graduated from Bradford High School in 1993.  I graduated from Union University in 1998 (Bachelors) and again in 2005.  I have a Masters degree in education with a specialty in library science. 
I have three children and a dog and two cats!  Jenna (18), Laci (16), and Hayden (13). My best friends are Karen, Kathy, and Tracy, but I won't tell you how old they are!  Atticus is my rescue dog, and he is two years old. One of my cats is Hobbes, and he is six years old. The other cat is E.B., and she is still a kitten.  They are my favorite people/pets in this world.  My favorite things are my family, my friends, my church, people, laughing, and reading!  Basically, I like to do anything that is fun and makes me laugh!  


Chapter 2 First Day Continued

The website would not let me edit my last blog, so I had to continue chapter 2 on a whole new page.

Nate is pretty bummed that Trevor is not in the class with them, because out of the three new friends...Nate likes Trevor best. They all finally meet their new teacher, Ms. Doulin. She is the strictest and meanest teacher in 5th grade. She makes all the kids get up so she can seat them all alphabetically. Nate hates this idea. Summer Atler gets to sit by Pigeon Bowen, while Nate Sutter has to sit on the other side of the room! He tries clowning around with Ms.Doulin, but she is not impressed. She tells him to be quiet, or he will get a detention.  Nate gets the idea that she means business; so, Ms. Doulin starts laying down the law. She says a “fun” thing she likes to do every day is to ask a trivia question. If a student answers correctly, there will be no homework. If a students answers incorrectly, there will be DOUBLE homework! She asks the question, and Pigeon answers it with no problem. Nate figures out that Pigeon is the smartest guy in 5th grade. Lunchtime finally rolls around, and they meet up with Trevor in the cafeteria. They make plans to eat lunch together every day, and Trevor reminds Nate that the four of them will walk home together after school every day, too. They ask Trevor who his teacher is. He tells them he has a cool, man teacher named Mr. Butler. Pigeon, Summer, and Nate are jealous, and they complain that Ms. Doulin is the worst! Then, the bullies show up and take Pigeon’s lunch. Nate finds out the bullies are named Denny, Eric, and Kyle. They steal Pigeon’s lunch every day to get his dessert. Nate confronts them, and Denny calls him Dirt Face. Nate tries throwing a cupcake at Denny’s head, but Denny ducks. Denny tells Nate that he should learn how it works at this school. No one fights back, because Kyle’s mom works there. She always gets them out of trouble if anyone tells on them. Nate said he would just go tell the principal. Denny tells Nate to go ahead, and then he will really see what happens to him. Denny tells Nate he won’t beat him up after school this time, since he already beat him up with the dirt clod in the mouth the other day. But...he tells Nate that he better watch his back. Pigeon, Trevor, and Summer try to convince Nate to just let it go. Those bullies will make their lives miserable if he tries to fight back. Trevor tells Nate to just do what they a game... and then they will leave him alone. Nate does not like that idea, and he says he will just have to see about that. 

Chapter 2 Candy Shop War First Day

In Chapter 2, we see that Nate’s mother is driving him to school. Nate begs his mom to take him home, but she pulls up to the school and stops. She tells him his class is in Room 18-C with a blue door. Nate walks in the hallways of the school not sure of where to go. Then, he sees one of the bullies in the distance. Nate is not happy that he wound up going to the same school as the bullies. He wanders around until he finds his classroom. When he enters, he sees Summer. He does not really like Summer, but he sure is glad to see a friendly saved him a seat. Then, Pigeon walks in wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, and it is in the middle of August! It’s too hot for a motorcycle jacket, and Nate and Summer are embarrassed that he is sitting next to them. Nate asks them if Trevor was in this class with the three of them, but they say he is not. Nate is pretty bummed 

Chapter 1 Candy Shop War

In Chapter One, we meet Nate Sutter. He and his family have just moved to Colson, and he hates it. His parents encourage him to go outside and ride his bike to check out the neighborhood. While riding round on his bike, Nate meets Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon. They talk and find out Nate is new, but they are all in 5th grade. He asks if he can hang out with them in their club, called the Blue Falcons. Trevor and Pigeon say yes, but Summer says no...not until he passes an initiation test. Summer explains that Nate has to jump a death-trap of a ramp that looks more like a roller coaster than a bike ramp. Nate tells her no, and he thinks it’s a trick to make him look like a doofus and get hurt. Summer says she does it all the time, and Trevor and Pigeon tell Nate it’s true...she does. So, Nate tells Summer if she can do it first and show him, then he will do it, too. Summer attempts the ramp, but she crashes. The boys run to her and find her bleeding. Summer is a tough tom-boy; so, she jumps up. She tells Nate it’s his turn. Nate tells her no, and Summer tells him he can’t be in the Blue Falcon Club then. So, all four kids start arguing. The boys want Nate in the club.  Nate says Summer is not being fair, and Summer says he didn’t pass the initiation test. Then, they start getting pelted with dirt clods. Nate got beaned in the head with one! The other kids scream that Denny is in their “nest” stealing their “ammo”. Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon run away scared, but Nate charges after them. They are shocked. No one ever fights back! Nate was just about to tackle Denny, but Nate gets smacked right in the face at close point range with a dirt clod filled with rocks. Nate temporarily loses consciousness. When he regains his senses, he has teeth filled with dirt, his mouth and nose are bleeding, and his head is hurting. Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon come running to him and tell him he is crazy! Nate explains that he does not put up with bullies or let anyone bully him. Summer tells Nate he is in the club! Nate wants to know how and she tells him that  if he can fight Denny and the bullies...he can do anything!  Nate is in the Blue Falcon Club and welcomed into the “Nest” (their hide-out).

Candy Shop War notes prologue

In the prologue, pages 1-12, we meet John Dart, wearing an overcoat and brown fedora.  He winds up in the middle of nowhere at a diner in a town called Colson. He talks to another man, named Fernando, who leads him to an old Buick full of weapons. Fernando informs John that a new candy shop just opened in town. Then, he hands him a seashell from the Council so John can listen to a message from his mentor named Mozag. Mozag tells John that three magicians have joined together in Colson and revealed a very important secret. Some kind of prize is hidden in the town of Colson, and if either of these three get it...Mozag says it would be catastrophic. He tells John to capture the three magicians by any means necessary. Mozag tells him to start with the weakest magician, named Samson Wells, who is hiding out in an old, broken down school bus that is in an abandoned quarry. He finishes by telling John that failure is not an option. Then, he signs off, and John smashes the seashell on the asphalt. Fernando hands John a map and the keys to the Buick. Fernando leaves, and John follows the map to the quarry. John can see in the dark, being a magician himself...he has a few weapons and tricks up his sleeve. He sneaks up to the bus, which is the temporary lair of Samson Wells. He notices two bodyguards/ a big body builder type man with a ball bat and the other a Vietnamese woman. John has to be careful because he has a curse out on him that causes himself pain if he willingly inflicts pain on another person. If he broke someone’s leg, his leg broke. If he knocked someone out, he went to sleep. If he killed a person, he would die. Plus, he has no idea what these two bodyguards/apprentices can do. John sneaks up on the man first, slaps duct tape on his mouth, knocks the bat out of his hands, and quickly handcuffs him.  But then, the man starts dropping his hand cuffed arms on the ground and growing new arms out his body! Oh, no!! John is fighting a Shredder. It is nearly impossible to capture one of them! While he is fighting the Shredder, he hears a whooshing, airy sound and something punches him twice. Then, he sees the Vietnamese woman appear. Oh, no!! John is fighting a Blur, too! She could move with bursts of speed like Dash on the Incredibles. Fighting a Shredder and a Blur, John realizes he’s is in danger. He pulls out a crossbow, but the Blur jerks it out of his hands. So, then John pulls out a dart gun with darts full of a poison that Mozag invented. This poison makes anyone shot with the dart gun unable to move without horrible pain. John shot the Shredder in the chest, and then he shot the Blur girl as the Shredder was screaming in pain but muffled by the duct tape over his mouth. The pain was excruciating to John, too, because he felt everything they felt. Finally, the pain made the Shredder pass out. The Blur was smarter, she stopped moving, but even blinking made her cry out in pain. John grabs the bat and hurls it through a bus window. He demands Samson Wells to come out. Of course, he doesn’t. So, John throws a canister of tear gas in the broken window. Samson stumbles off the bus, and John puts him in a straight jacket. Samson tells him that there are other magicians in town and that John better “watch his back”. John says that they all better watch their backs, because Mozag is not happy. Samson freaks out when he hears Mozag’s name. He begs John not to turn him in and even tries to bribe him with money. John, of course, says no. That’s the end of the prologue.